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769921 - NORMAN XX10 MID ESD S3

ราคาต่ำสุด ฿7,700.00
  • Cowhide
  • Breathable textile lining
  • Padded tab
  • Full-surface insole ESD PRO black
  • Metal-free penetration protection
  • Steel cap
  • Standard: EN ISO 20345 S3 SRC, Form B.

Features & Notes:

Orthopädischer Fussschutz Orthopaedic foot protection
Durchtritthemmung Penetration inhibition
Rutschhemmung Slip resistance
Damping system


769921 - NORMAN XX10 MID ESD S3
769921 - NORMAN XX10 MID ESD S3 769921 - NORMAN XX10 MID ESD S3 769921 - NORMAN XX10 MID ESD S3 769921 - NORMAN XX10 MID ESD S3 769921 - NORMAN XX10 MID ESD S3 769921 - NORMAN XX10 MID ESD S3

"ELTEN safety boots NORMAN XX10 Mid ESD S3"

Black, Red, Elten

The PARENT safety boot NORMAN XX10 Mid ESD S3 features a particularly modern design. Matte black cowhide was combined with a red, breathable textile lining and other red highlights. The zipper on the side serves not only for the look, but in combination with the laces also for a particularly fast dressing and undressing once you have laced the boot once. In addition, the S3 shoe has a steel cap and a metal-free penetration barrier, which can protect the foot from serious damage. The ESD-capable NORMAN XX10 Mid ESD S3 has an SRC-certified outsole of the WELLMAXX L10 series, which is not only stylish, but also particularly comfortable to wear. The material Infinergy® from BASF in the sole core makes it possible: Due to the rebound during walking, the wearer does not lose as much energy and relieves its entire posture apparatus.

The optimally cushioned safety lace-up boot is available in sizes 36 to 48.


Sex: Men, Women
Type of shoe: Half-high boots
Lock: Laces
Safety class: Safety class S3
Entry protection: Yes
Metal-free equipment: No
Leather-free equipment: No
Color: Black - Red
Material toe protection cap: Steel cap
Orthopaedic adjustments: Deposits according to DGUV 112-191
Lining: Breathable textile lining
Upper: Cowhide
สี Black
ประเภทรองเท้าเซฟตี้ Safety shoes S3
ชนิดสินค้า Wellmaxx
เพศ Unisex
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