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About Brand “ELTEN”


The most important reason why we make safety shoes is the desire to protect the people who wear our work shoes. We want to convince you with a perfect fit and meet the highest standards. After all, if you do your best every day in your day-to-day work, whether in the trade or in the industry, you need safety shoes to support him in his tasks. Safety shoes that protect, are comfortable and fit optimally. Making such work shoes is our ambition and our daily incentive. Those who are among the pioneers in the industry must constantly evolve. Because just as the world of work is changing, so do the demands on work shoes. And the needs of wearers for their safety shoes are different today than they were a few years ago. Innovative concepts and individual solutions are needed in order to be able to produce work shoes up to date.


ELTEN is a family-owned company from Uedem in the Lower Rhine region, which is one of the leading manufacturers of safety shoes in Europe. Whether in the production hall, in the workshop or on the construction site: ELTEN work shoes offer their wearers safety, comfort and a fashionable design that you would rather expect with a leisure shoe. Founded in 1910 in Uedem, Lower Rhine, the traditional company today stands for innovative foot protection technologies and the highest quality standards. Cooperations with leading scientific institutes have made ELTEN the industry's innovation leader. Today, the Uedem site is equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation systems. However, despite all the technology, many of the approximately 50 work steps required to produce a safety shoe are still carried out by hand. Final production still in Uedem To this day, the complete final production of our safety shoes takes place on the Lower Rhine. Many of our 250 employees are involved, some of whom have been associated with ELTEN for generations. Some are also in use for us in the Uedem logistics center. From there, we deliver our safety shoes to the entire Federal Republic and the whole world within a very short time. Even though our safety shoes are available in many countries today, we are very attached to our hometown. Part of this sense of tradition is that we continue to strengthen and expand our headquarters. Even after more than 100 years, it is still located on the site where the first production hall stood before the Second World War and a new main building was built after the war.